Showcase Policies

In preparation for each showcase, we ask families to partner with us in our “healthy habits” campaign.  This means removing certain things from their diet that would drain their energy and make it difficult to give their best possible performance during showcase. Foods to stay away from include fried foods, pop/soda, candy/chocolate, potato chips/hot chips, or eating a lot of food in one sitting, which will make dancers feel heavy, overly full, and tired.  They should also refrain from drinking things like "huggies/lil hugs" or juice that is labeled fruit "drink" which is mainly just sugar water with tons of food coloring/dye.  Instead, please replace these foods with lean cuts of meat, fresh or frozen fruits and veggies, nuts and trail mix, salads, yogurt, granola bars, etc. and LOTS OF WATER. Sugar free/low sugar Gatorade is also fine as a secondary drink (water is best).  “Healthy habits” will begin approximately one month before showcase date (notice will be given by Mrs. Sharmayne), and last until the day of the showcase.  Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation in this effort!


Showcase dress rehearsal will be at Parma-Snow Library, with specific date and time frame communicated by Mrs. Sharmayne.  Address is 2121 Snow Rd in Parma, OH.  Dancers should arrive with hair in high bun or puff, wearing normal dance class attire, as warm-up/stretching will begin as soon as dancers arrive.  Dancers also need to have all costumes, dance footwear, and accessories.  All female dancers should be wearing showcase face (flesh toned foundation, dark red lip, silver eye shadow with thin strip of black eye liner). Showcase face is not mandatory for Stars level dancers, but they do need all costumes, dance footwear, and hair in high bun/puff. 


Showcase will be at Parma-Snow Library.  Address is 2121 Snow Rd in Parma.  Dancers need to arrive at the specified time, ALREADY DRESSED IN THEIR FIRST COSTUME, with hair in high bun or puff (no bangs or other hanging hair).  Dancers also need all costumes, footwear and accessories, and showcase t-shirt, and ALREADY HAVE SHOWCASE FACE DONE (flesh toned foundation, dark red lip, silver eye shadow with thin strip of black eye liner.  Showcase face is optional for Stars 1 dancers). 


Dancers should arrive already dressed in their first costume.  SHOW ORDER WILL BE GIVEN TO FAMILIES BEFORE THE SHOWCASE, SO THEY KNOW WHICH COSTUMES, FOOTWEAR, ETC. TO BRING WITH THEIR DANCER ON SHOWCASE DAY.   Please make sure you thoroughly read show order to know what costume dancers need to wear first, and to know which accessories/footwear are necessary for each costume.  Please make sure to put your dancers’ initials ON THE TAGS OF EACH OF THEIR COSTUMES (NOT THE ACTUAL COSTUME, AS IT MAY BLEED THROUGH).   Also, please write dancer’s names on the inside of all dance footwear.  We want to make sure none of the costumes get mixed up backstage, and while packing up to go home.  Dressing rooms will be divided by age groups to help prevent this as well.  For instance, Stars 1 dancers will be on one side of the room, with Stars 2 dancers on the other side of that room (same thing for Jr/Teen room).  Each dressing room will have a box of costumes/accessories that still need to be distributed to dancers.  Each of those costumes will be labeled, and given to the correct dancers as they arrive.


Attendance will be taken when dancers are dropped off to dressing rooms.  Parents can come to dressing rooms to help get their dancer situated, but must leave the dressing room before warm-up/stretching.  Please refrain from bringing other family members/friends to the dressing rooms as well.  This will be strictly enforced because it is a huge distraction for dancers.  Dancers need to be alert and focused, so they don’t miss hearing important information about their performance.  Parent Committee members, staff, and volunteers will be backstage to help each dancer throughout the showcase. 


DANCERS ARE TO REMAIN IN THEIR DRESSING ROOMS AT ALL TIMES, unless being escorted by parent or staff member/volunteer to the bathroom or water fountain.  All dancers must communicate to a staff member/volunteer when they wish to leave the dressing room, and all MUST be escorted by a parent or staff member/volunteer when leaving dressing rooms.  Please limit the amount of trips taken out of dressing rooms, as it is too confusing for staff members/volunteers to have dancers repeatedly running in and out.  In addition, please refrain from bathroom trips after classes have begun performing, so as to avoid missing dancers/long gaps in the performance order. 


Dancers will be kept in dressing rooms until time for stretching/warm-up.  Please bring coloring books, tablets, etc. to keep dancers occupied until it is time for them to warm-up.  They will be escorted to the auditorium by staff when it’s time to stretch/warm-up.  Showcase day is a long day for dancers.  Please make sure they have a meal before drop off, but nothing that will make them feel overly full and tired.  Also, please refrain from letting dancers eat/drink if they are in their costumes.  Water will be provided for them in dressing rooms during the performance.  Dancers are only allowed to drink water during dress rehearsal and showcase, so as to avoid stains on costumes. 

Please make sure each dancer has their Mayne Attraction showcase t-shirt/hoodie to wear during our bow after showcase has ended.  Dancers who do not bring their showcase garment will not participate in the bow/studio group picture. 

After the showcase, dancers and staff will take a group picture, and then dancers will be released to families for dismissal.  During dismissal, ONLY 2-3 FAMILIES WILL BE PERMITTED IN DRESSING ROOMS AT A TIME.  This is to maintain safety and order.  Volunteers/staff will be at the door of each dressing room to help this process run as smoothly and quickly as possible.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience. 


Can dancers wear nail polish or jewelry onstage? No. Please remove all toe and nail polish, as well as any jewelry (unless specified by your instructor).


Do I need to help my child change costumes? Parents can come to dressing rooms to help get their dancer situated, but must leave the dressing room before warm-up/stretching.  We have staff/volunteers assigned to your children to help them change costumes thereafter. We want you to enjoy the show you paid to see.


Can I call out to my dancer while they are performing?  What if I need to get up in the middle of the show? Please remember that everyone onstage is someone's child, and their family and friends are excited to see them perform.  Please do not call out to dancers while they are performing, as this is a huge distraction.  We will also be filming, and prefer to not have those sound bites present in the showcase video.  In addition, leaving the auditorium should be kept to a minimum and only if completely necessary. If you must leave, only do so between dances (the time frame between one group exiting and the next group coming on stage).


Can my dancer sit in with me in the audience?  No. Dancers are to remain backstage/in dressing rooms until the end of dress rehearsal/showcase.   

Can I take pictures or video tape my child when they are onstage? Yes, but please refrain from using flash photography. If posting pictures/videos on Instagram, please use the full name of the studio (Mayne Attraction Studios), and tag the studio’s social media account (@mayneattractiondance).  If posting on Facebook, tag the full studio name in your status/comments.  Thanks in advance for the publicity!


Should dancers wear under garments with their costumes? Hip Hop 1, Hip Hop 2, and Boys Hip Hop are the only classes that may need to wear undergarments with their costumes during dress rehearsal/showcase.  ALL CLASSES THAT HAVE LEOTARD/TIGHTS AS COSTUMES SHOULD NOT WEAR UNDERGARMENTS UNDER THESE COSTUMES.  Tank tops and underwear worn under a dance costume is unnecessary, and creates bulky, noticeable lines that hang out of costumes. If we notice your child is wearing undershirt/underwear, we will ask them to take them off. Some dance costumes may require a dance bra underneath. Ms. Sharmayne will have dance bras for dancers that need them.   Please remember that discretion is key and all straps, hooks, etc. should be hidden or clear as well.


What if my dancer’s costume doesn't fit? This will most likely be taken care of when dancers are trying on costumes during class time.  However, your dancer’s costume may need slight alterations. Safety pins, or a quick stitching can happen backstage if necessary, or a simple adjustment to straps etc.


What if I haven’t received a portion of my dancer’s costume?  Each dressing room will have a box of costumes that still need to be distributed to dancers.  Each of those costumes will be labeled with your dancer’s name, and given to them as they arrive.