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Want to join our dance family, or book a child's birthday party?

We would love for you to join the Mayne Attraction family, or book your child's party! Complete the form below and we'll contact you with more details. 

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Fall 2024 Schedule and More!



Style of dance that is graceful but precise, with emphasis on using traditional French terminology to teach positions of the feet, arms, and body. Music played during class includes traditional classical, upbeat instrumentals and/or popular music. Ballet classes also explore flexibility training and basic contemporary technique.



Typically energetic style including sharp, powerful movement and positions influenced by upbeat music. Students will learn various jazz dance styles like traditional jazz, funk/street jazz, theater jazz, Fosse technique, etc. (Must be enrolled in ballet to take jazz classes).


Hip Hop

Street dance styles that emphasize improvisation (freestyle) and creative, bold expression. Styles include, but are not limited to, breaking, popping, locking, tutting, lyrical hip-hop, and some popular/trending moves.



Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style, and sound. Students will learn how to make rhythmic sounds with the “taps” of their shoes, while focusing on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement.

We would greatly appreciate your financial support to help us with operational costs for our new studio! Click the link below to donate. Thanks in advance!

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About MAS

Mayne Attraction Studios (MAS) has been working to instill the joy of dance in the Greater Cleveland area since 2013!  Our mission at MAS is to provide students of all levels with more than just dance classes.  We strive to provide a unique environment in which students can grow mentally, emotionally, and physically as they discover the beauty of communicating through dance.  

We are committed to offering:

Dance instruction that aligns with the Ohio Department of Education’s Fine Arts (Dance)

Learning Standards

Exposure to quality instruction and performances of dance and other arts for children and families

A safe, positive environment to learn creative expression, dance technique, choreography, and confidence building

Opportunities to learn skills in coping, stress relief, and self-discovery through performance art

Opportunities to build relationships with dancers and staff who share their interest in performance art

Training that enables dancers to pursue collegiate/professional level performance art paths


Why MAS?

Our dancers are taught by high quality staff who have degrees in dance and child development and years of training/teaching experience! As a result, our training has given Mayne Attraction dancers the opportunity to participate in other dance programs such as: 


All Ohio Dance Festival

Cavs Kids

Central State University

Cleveland School of the Arts

Debbie Allen Dance Academy

Hampton University

Howard University

The LA Establishment

World of Dance



Family Testimonials


Mom: Salisa Bruce
Dancer: Saleah

I've known Sharmayne for years! I saw how great she was with the kids in the arts department at our church, so I knew my daughter would be in good hands when I brought her to Mayne Attraction.  Saleah loves it here, and her growth as a dancer continues to amaze me!


Mom: Kendra Agee
Dancer: Evelyn

I’m thankful that Evelyn and I are a part of Mayne Attraction, and that she regularly interacts with people who truly care about her wellbeing.  I believe her training will help her in many ways, even outside of dance.


Mom: Brandi Jones
Dancer: Johanna

I loved how welcomed Jo and I felt when we first met Mrs. Sharmayne!  Mayne Attraction is the perfect place for Jo, and her technique continues to grow each dance season.  She spends so much time here, and has made so many friends, that Mayne Attraction feels like a second home!

Shar & Sassy"Heals"

Shar & Sassy Heals allows women (ages 17 and up) to use dance to find sisterhood, empowerment, healing, and growth.  Dancers will learn basic technique (walking, posing, and turning in heels), followed by a beginner friendly, sassy heels routine.  Great for dancers looking to review the basics, those who are just getting started, or for those who want to ease back in after some time away from dance (heels are optional).

Now offering heels wedding, birthday, and girls night services!


Are you looking to have a heels dance bachelorette/birthday party? Do you want to perform a sassy heels dance at your reception? We would love to help you prepare for your special day! 


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