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Would you like to sell your products or services to an audience of more than 300 people at a Mayne Attraction showcase? Click the link below to complete our Vendor Interest Form, and a member of our team will contact you with more details!


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Showcase Details & FAQs

Where can I purchase tickets?

Those who want to attend the showcase can purchase tickets on the website, using the links directly above this section.  You can also purchase tickets using the link in our bio on Instagram @mayneattractiondance at the door (same day as the performance) via cash, credit card, or cash app.

If I purchase a ticket for virtual viewing, when will I receive the link?

Those who purchase virtual tickets will receive the viewing link the same day as the showcase, approximately 30 minutes prior to showtime.

What does my dancer need to wear for dress rehearsal/showcase?

Dancers need to arrive to the showcase venue by the communicated arrival time, ALREADY DRESSED IN THEIR FIRST COSTUME. Dancers also need all other costumes, footwear, and accessories, and showcase hoodie/t-shirt.  When getting dancers dressed, PLEASE MAKE SURE TIGHTS ARE PUT ON FIRST, AND COSTUMES ARE PUT ON AFTER TIGHTS. This will significantly help our volunteers when they are assisting your dancers change backstage. Please see show order for costume listing, which you will receive via email.

Is there anything else my dancer needs for dress rehearsal/showcase?

Dancers should have HEALTHY SNACKS to help them stay fueled for the day, but nothing that can stain their costumes. Examples include pretzels, string cheese, apples, bananas, granola bars, veggie straws, and fruit snacks, etc.  Stars level dancers should also have tablets or small devices that could keep them occupied while they're waiting to perform.  


In addition to costumes, footwear, accessories and showcase t-shirt/hoodie, dancers need to have the following:

  • SHOWCASE HAIR: Hair in a high bun or puff at the top of their head and have showcase face upon arrival.  No hanging hair/or bangs. Hair can also be in single box braids/twists or french braids, as long it is pulled into a tight bun and secured with hair/bobby pins. 

  • SHOWCASE FACE: flesh toned foundation/make up, dark red/burgundy lip, gold eye shadow with thin strip of black eye liner.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Mini Stars and Shining Stars dancers (ages 2-5) need costumes, footwear, accessories, and showcase hair, but showcase face is optional. 

Should dancers wear under garments with their costumes?

Only dancers in Hip Hop classes need to wear undergarments with their costumes during dress rehearsal/showcase.  ALL CLASSES THAT HAVE LEOTARDS OR BUILT IN SEAT AND TIGHTS AS COSTUMES SHOULD NOT WEAR UNDERGARMENTS UNDER THESE COSTUMES.  Tank tops and underwear worn under a dance costume is unnecessary, creates bulky, noticeable lines, and hangs out of costumes. If we notice your child is wearing undergarments, we will ask that they be removed. Some dance costumes may require a dance bra underneath. Ms. Sharmayne will have dance bras for dancers that need them (additional fee that must be provided by families). Families can also purchase flesh colored leotards for dancers to wear underneath all costumes. Please remember that discretion is key and all straps, hooks, etc. must be hidden or clear/flesh toned.

What if my dancer’s costume(s) don’t fit?

This will most likely be taken care of when dancers are trying on costumes during class time.  However, your dancer’s costume may need slight alterations. Safety pins, or a quick stitching can happen backstage if necessary, or a simple adjustment to straps etc.

What happens when I drop off my dancer?

As dancers arrive, they will be escorted by staff/volunteers to their assigned dressing rooms. DANCERS ARE TO REMAIN IN THEIR DRESSING ROOMS AT ALL TIMES, unless being escorted by a staff member/volunteer to the bathroom, water fountain, performance area, etc. Parents and other audience members will be escorted to the auditorium directly after dropping off their dancers.  PARENTS AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN DRESSING ROOMS AFTER DROPPING OFF DANCERS.  This is a distraction to the dancers, and we have to keep numbers low in the dressing rooms to maintain proper social distancing.

What if my dancer doesn’t have all of their costumes?

In each dressing room, there will be a COSTUMES/ACCESSORIES BOX with any costumes, hoodies, accessories, etc. that need to be distributed to specific dancers.  Everything will already be labeled for each dancer, and will be distributed as soon as dancers are checked in during drop off.

Do I need to help my child change costumes?

No. We have staff/volunteers assigned to your children to help them change costumes thereafter. We want you to enjoy the show you paid to see.

Who do I talk to if I have questions at the showcase?

Families must see volunteers in dancer’s dressing rooms about receiving costumes or other details. FOR OTHER SHOWCASE DETAILS, PLEASE COMMUNICATE TO STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS, AND THEY WILL RELAY THE MESSAGE TO MRS. SHARMAYNE AS NEEDED.

Can dancers wear nail polish or jewelry onstage?

No. Please remove all toe and nail polish, false nails, and any jewelry (unless specified by your instructor).

What if I need to get up in the middle of the show?

Please remember that everyone onstage is someone's child, and their family and friends are excited to see them perform. Leaving the auditorium should be kept to a minimum and only if completely necessary. If you must leave, only do so between dances, as dancers are leaving the stage, or right before the next group enters.

Can my dancer sit in with me in the audience?

No. Dancers are to remain backstage/in dressing rooms until the end of dress rehearsal/showcase.  Stars and young Juniors must be checked out by a parent, we do not allow them to leave the dressing room on their own.

Can I take pictures or video tape my child when they are onstage?

Yes, BUT PLEASE DO NOT USE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. If posting pictures/videos on social media, please be sure to tag the studio’s social media accounts (Instagram: @mayneattractiondance/Facebook: Mayne Attraction Studios) and use the full studio name in your status/comments (Mayne Attraction Studios). Thanks in advance for the publicity!

Are there audience expectations for this performance?

Yes. We thank you in advance for meeting our audience expectations and communicating these expectations to those who will accompany you:

  • Please refrain from yelling out to children while they are on stage, as this is a distraction to their performance.

  • If you must leave the theater, please do so as dancers are exiting the stage, or right before the next set of dancers enter the stage.

  • Please escort crying/agitated children out of the theater as soon as possible, so as to not distract dancers and other audience members.

  • Feel free to take pictures and videos (NO FLASH), as long as you tag the studio when posting to social media platforms (Facebook=Mayne Attraction Studios, Instagram=@mayneattractiondance)

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