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Mayne Attraction Center for the Arts

MACA is a 501(c)(3) organization that addresses the health, educational, cultural, and public service needs of the community at large, with special focus on low and moderate-income individuals and families. MACA is committed to providing:

Arts-based training and holistic health services within the community

Performance and cultural training 

Assistance/funding for training and performance opportunities 

Preparatory and transitional training to enable the pursuit of collegiate/professional arts-based paths

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We have offered free dance and arts-based workshops for over 1,000 children since 2016, and awarded over $5000 in dance scholarships and sponsorships from 2020-2021.


Boulevard Elementary (Cleveland Hts., OH)

Fairfax Elementary (Cleveland Hts., OH)

Milkovich Middle (Maple Hts., OH)

Maple Heights High

Nathan Hale Elementary (Cleveland, OH)

Roxboro Elementary (Cleveland Hts., OH)

Shaker Heights Middle

The Intergenerational School (Cleveland, OH)


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